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Decking Problems and Ways You Can Fix Them

Decking Problems and Ways You Can Fix Them

There are ways you’ll be able to repair your decking if you start running into problems.

Decking can run into many problems during its lifetime. Boards can become warped. The color can start fading. Your surface can become more slippery. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t save your deck. There are ways you’ll be able to repair your decking if you start running into problems.

Dealing With Slippery Decking

Slippery decks are dangerous. It’s easy to lose your footing and hurt yourself. Sometimes, your deck can become slippery as a result of spills. To remedy this problem, you can dry up the spill using a towel or another absorbent material. There are also anti-slip deck oils that you can try if you have consistent problems with slippery decking.

Reviving the Beauty of a Blackened Deck

This is a problem most common with wood decks. It results from fungus getting into contact with your wood. Once the fungus makes contact, it reacts with the wood in a manner that creates an unsightly black stain. This should bring about concern because it means your decking is beginning to rot.

Getting rid of rot usually calls for a mold and mildew cleaner. If you’re worried that you’ll miss a few spots, you can contact a professional fencing company. Professionals will make sure there’s no trace of fungus on your deck, and they should offer a warranty for their work, so if fungus comes back, they’ll return to deal with the problem.

Bringing Back Faded Decking

Many people love the lustrous glow of a wooden deck, but sunlight can take a toll on your wood and cause it to fade. Water damage can also take away from the wood’s natural appeal.

To avoid having to replace your wooden boards, getting in touch with a fencing company is often the way to go. Also, to avoid future fading, you can try giving your deck protection against the sun. An awning is helpful for this purpose, or you can use umbrellas as a cheaper alternative.

Fixing Warped Decking

If you don’t perform regular deck maintenance, you’ll eventually notice your boards starting to warp. Sometimes, this is a result of your boards not being weather-treated sufficiently, but it can also result from especially humid weather conditions.

Warped boards will often have to be replaced, so it’s a problem best avoided with regular maintenance. A professional fencing company can help you with your replacements if necessary.

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