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Comparing Wood and Composite Decks

Comparing Wood and Composite Decks

Look at the similarities and differences of wood and composite decks.

Have you ever thought about installing a deck in your yard? Decks are wonderful investments for your outdoor landscape. They provide you with extra living space, and they can become the perfect gathering spots for any number of outdoor activities, such as hosting barbecues, parties, or other social gatherings. If you decide to install a deck, the next question will be what material to use for the installation. Two popular choices for decking are wood and composite decks. Each has its upsides and downsides, so we’re going to review them to help you determine which one you should get. Look at the similarities and differences of wood and composite decks.

 Composite Decks

Composite decks are a newer option, but they are quickly becoming quite popular with homeowners. They don’t age nearly as quickly as other decks available due to the protective polymer seal they have. You also get a deck that lasts you for many years without even requiring much upkeep on your end. Composite decks might cost you a little bit more upfront, but considering the longevity these decks have, you’ll make returns on your investment before long. Lastly, composite decks maintain good visual appeal without sacrificing functionality in the process. You can get them to look like other types of decks, allowing you to match whatever aesthetic your home is trying to promote.

Wood Decks

While many people are embracing the idea of composite decks, wooden ones still have plenty of upsides themselves. Wood decks have been around for much longer, and it’s because wooden decks have many traits that make them desirable.

To start, if you’re looking for a lower upfront cost on your deck, wooden ones are cheaper to install. They are also incredibly customizable. You’re going to need to stain and seal your deck to give it sufficient protection against the outdoor elements, but with this added protection, you have the liberty to decorate your deck in many ways.

Wooden decks also have this naturally alluring look to them, and it’s this natural look that some people prefer. It does take a little more upkeep to keep them looking good, but as long as you keep up with all of the necessary maintenance, you’ll be left with a deck that offers plenty of aesthetic appeal. Some people appreciate the more natural look that wooden decks offer, something that plastic varieties simply can’t offer.

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