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Chain-Link Fencing Maintenance Tips

Chain-Link Fencing Maintenance Tips

If you aren’t experienced with fence maintenance, here are tips to help your chain-link fencing remain durable.

Of all the different fences you could install around your property, chain-link fencing tends to be one of the more sturdy options. Even so, however, you still have to maintain your fence if you expect it to last over the years. If you aren’t experienced with fence maintenance, here are tips to help your chain-link fencing remain durable.

Finishes Can Help Combat Rust

Chain-link fencing is great because it is able to endure weather conditions more easily than other fences you could get. The problem is that rusting can become an issue over time, but you can address this problem with good coating. If you apply a rust-resistant finish to your chain-link fencing, it won’t be as susceptible to rusting, so you can enjoy your fence for much longer.

Washing Your Fence

It tends to not take too long before your chain-link fence starts gathering dirt and grass. To keep your fence clean, give it an occasional washing. Simply using some soapy water should be enough to help revitalize your fence and help it look like new.

See If Your Fence Has Any Loose Nails

Loose nails are a serious hazard for your fence, and if you don’t deal with them early on, your fence will suffer serious damage. Because of this, you should regularly check your fencing just to be sure that there aren’t any loose nails hanging along it. If you see any loose nails, you need to get them tightened so that they don’t pose a danger to you or your fence.

Oil The Hinges

Keep an eye on your fence hinges as well because they can develop rust over time. If you want to keep rust from developing on your chain-link fencing, you should oil the hinges regularly. If the hinges are allowed to grow rust, it becomes much more difficult for you to open and close your fence gate.

Maintenance Routine

Regular maintenance is needed for ensuring the longevity of your fence. Fortunately, problems won’t have a chance to grow too much as long as you’re checking on your fence often enough. Monthly maintenance checks should be sufficient. This way, you can handle problems while they are still relatively small, which makes fixing those problems far easier.

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