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Amp Up Your Fence With These Decor Ideas

Fence Decor

Want to jazz up your fence? Consider adding some decor such as flowers to it!

Summer is the perfect time for relaxing in your yard. Whether it is a deck by your backyard pool or a patio and a fire pit, you’ve probably got the outdoor living space decorated the way you want by this point. If you’re looking for another way to decorate your yard and make it your own, what about the fence? The fence is an often overlooked place to add your decorative touch and add value to your property, and depending on the type of fence it is fairly easy to DIY it.

Add Flowers to Your Fence

There are lots of ways to add flowers to your fence. Depending on the type of fence you have, you can add a variety of creative flower “pots”. One option is to recycle your kid’s old rain boots into flower pots. Fill them with dirt and pot small flowers in them, then attach them to the fence by nailing or stapling them to the wood. Similar to the boot flower pots, you can use old crocks. Fill the crocks in the same way with dirt and flowers, and hang them on the fence. The crocks have the added benefit of allowing drainage, unlike the boots. Another flower pot alternative is old handbags, and you could even hang them on an iron fence. The more colorful the bag, the better it is!

Write a Quote

If you have a wooden fence, consider adding a special quote. Choose one that means a lot to you, and write it directly on the wood. You can write it with a variety of media, including paint, markers, or even moss.

Hang Other Decorations

Add a decorative touch to your fence by hanging things that you may already have around your house or could easily pick up at a thrift shop. One option is to hang a lot of empty picture frames to create a geometric pattern. You could even repaint them all a bright, eye-catching color so they really stand out against the fence. Another option is to hang decorative plates on the fence, arranged in any pattern you like. Finally, hang wooden crates on the fence for makeshift shelves. You can then use the shelves for whatever you like, including potted plants.

Add Art to Your Fence

If you are particularly artistic, you can also make art to hang on your fence. Make flowers by painting old hubcaps bright colors and panting the stem on your fence. Create 3D butterflies from metal and paint them a bright color. Arrange them however you like, but clustering them in a bunch that spreads out across the fence creates a stunning display.


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