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5 Living Room Design Mistakes to Avoid

Many homeowners are feeling the itch for a living room redesign after spring cleaning. However, it’s important to avoid common living room design mistakes when planning a redesign or new paint. After all, a redesign should look better than before, right?living-room-design-mistakes

So when you’re redesigning your living room this year, just make sure you don’t make the following mistakes.

Don’t: Be afraid of color.

White and cream are popular colors for living rooms due to the calm, relaxing atmosphere they create. While there’s nothing wrong with these colors, don’t be afraid to go beyond beige! Many colors such as blues, greens, purples and more look great in a living room, even if just as accents. Pops of color are important to a well-decorated room.

Do: Update the wall paint.

A change of carpet, furniture and decorations isn’t enough to complete your living room redesign. Don’t forget about the walls, which can generally benefit from an update in paint color.

Don’t: Neglect wall decorations.

It’s important to have a mix of décor in a well-designed living room. When finding fixtures and surface-sitting decorations for your room, don’t forget to grab some wall décor as well. This can be paintings, clocks, lights or other wall-hanging fixtures. They add depth to your room.

Do: Switch up the lighting.

The traditional living room often relied on floor and desk lamps, as well as an overhead lamp (possibly). Modern lighting design and technology makes it possible to use a combination of lighting, such as recessed and wall lighting, to create a desirable atmosphere and feel to any room. Living rooms can benefit greatly from thought-out lighting choices.

Don’t: Be too matchy-matchy.

Furniture and décor should have some variation in styles and colors. Otherwise, your living room design will look plain and overly-coordinated. Instead of sticking entirely to collections, variate your style choices in both decorations and furniture. It will give the room more personality and is more aesthetically pleasing.

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