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3 Simple Design Ideas For Your New Kitchen

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With these three new kitchen design ideas, you can easily have the modern kitchen that your home needs!

Whether you’ve recently purchased a house or you’re looking to update a house you’ve lived in for years, your kitchen should be the first space to be updated. The kitchen has quickly become the center of every home, and a remodeling project can turn a small, out-dated kitchen into a much more inviting, open, modern space. With these three new kitchen design ideas, you can easily have the modern kitchen that your home needs!

Backsplashes Are A Must

Backsplashes are a must in 2018. Not only are backsplashes a convenient way to keep your new kitchen clean, but they are an amazing way to add some excitement to your kitchen design. You can play with different materials, textures, and colors to match with the rest of your kitchen. Find a tile that matches your countertops to create a natural flow throughout your kitchen.

Update Old Cabinets

Updating old kitchen cabinets is an easy fix. If you like the general style of your cabinets, all they need is a simple coat of fresh paint and new knobs and handles. Black and white painted cabinets are popular because of their classic yet fresh aesthetic. If you want to add a pop of color, try a dark and bold shade of blue. For knobs and pulls, metallic and simple styles are popular because of their chic, minimalist, and effortless appeal.

Make Space For An Island

Kitchen islands are another absolute must for modern kitchens. If you have the space for it, a kitchen island is a great place to add additional prep space, cooking space, storage space, and seating space. Marble kitchen island countertops are the hottest trend that doesn’t seem to be losing popularity any time soon.


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