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3 Kinds of Deck Lighting to Invest In

Deck Lighting

Keeping your deck well lit can improve safety and offer a unique experience.

As we’ve previously mentioned, adding deck lighting can be a great design feature for your deck. If possible, it’s best to think about deck lighting options at the time of deck install–while lighting can be installed as an addition later, it’s a much easier process if everything is setup when the deck is built. There are a number of applications that might make you consider investing in deck lighting, let’s go over some.

Safety Lighting

Safety lighting should be a necessity if you’re planning on using your deck at night. For example, if your deck has steps, you might consider the addition of riser lights to make navigation easier. Another great option for safety lighting is solar-powered walkway lights. These don’t require any wiring and draw energy from sunlight to power themselves. Just be sure to install these lights in areas that aren’t obstructed by shade, otherwise you may find yourself caught in the dark.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is intended to increase the aesthetic appeal of your deck. There are two main options when considering ambient deck lighting. The first are post cap lights, which attach to your deck’s rail posts. You can add them onto every rail post cap or mix and match to create a unique look. The other option is post sleeve lights. These affix to the posts themselves and shine light directly onto the post. Post sleeve lights are a great way to highlight a specific area. Some deck owners may also opt for candles or fireplaces to improve their lighting, which has the added benefit of providing warmth during the colder months.

Task Lighting

Do you have a grill or bar on your deck? Task lighting is a great way to still make these areas accessible and usable during the night. String lighting can be a great way to light up a deck bar if it has a covering, and grill lighting accessories are available in many different options. Properly placed deck lighting can make all the amenities of your deck usable 24/7.

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