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3 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Avoid


When remodeling your bathroom this year, remember to avoid these bathroom remodeling trends.

Bathroom remodeling requires a lot of planning and finding inspiration that both speaks to you and works with your home. When starting out, homeowners tend to be a bit ambitious as to what their bathroom remodel will be like. While you certainly deserve your dream bathroom, there are a few bathroom design trends that interior design experts urge homeowners to stay away from. When remodeling your bathroom this year, remember to avoid these bathroom remodeling trends.

Poor Color Choice

Your bathroom is supposed to create a relaxing ambiance. It should be a clean place that makes you feel peaceful and calm. Wall paint color choices have more to do with ambiance than you may realize. Choosing paint colors that are too bold or too bright can make a bathroom feel cramped and uninviting. Opt for neutral colors and hushed tones to create a positive mood and showcase the design details you’ve put into your remodeling efforts.

Overuse of Patterns

Patterns can be a fun way to amp up the energy in your home, especially in the bathroom. However, overusing patterns or choosing the wrong ones can make your bathroom seem busy and nauseating. If you’re all about the patterns, remember to keep it simple. Choosing a patterned wall paper is a cool bathroom design trend that’s on the rise. Having a few patterned hand towels is a nice way to incorporate different textures and colors, but always keep it subtle and consider what looks good with the general style of your bathroom and home.

Too Many Materials

You may find yourself pouring over interior design blogs with bathrooms that utilize all kinds of materials. Wood, stone, and marble are all very popular bathroom materials, with granite becoming less popular. The trick is to stick to one material or find subtle ways to work with multiple materials. Another good design tip is to choose metallic fixtures. Silver, gold, and bronze are all popular colors for faucets, shower heads, and door pulls.


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